We are making a big problem a little smaller

Long-gone are the days where we would haul the station-wagon to the local hardware store to buy outdoor equipment. Since COVID, the push for online purchasing and sourcing has increased even more. As a result, we are getting more boxes with more plastic than normal. But you knew that already.

What may have missed your gaze is the amount of plastic that goes into those boxes - it's enormous. Below is a real example of the plastic used for a standard five-piece outdoor sitting-area set bought online from Canadian Tire.

The delivered boxes included overwrap and bubble wrap. The image below is literally all the plastic included (and far from necessary - but that's a subject for another day). 

The good news is here is that our method of melting down plastic makes a big problem become a lot smaller. Here is how I used our methodology to transform the shipping plastic into a reusable a cutting board!   

PECO is not about glorifying plastic. In contrast our mandate is to use plastic that does not get recycled or is not allowed to be recycled within your specific region. If we can catch a huge amount of items destined for landfill and reduce them to smaller, usable objects we think that's just good for business, good for the planet and good for serving cheese.
PECO Sandwich Board
Although this turned into a cutting board, our main goal is to create stunning works of art that can sustain us as a sustainable business. Beyond that, we hope to be a model for change to tackle the plastics crisis that confronts us all.

Bon Appétit!
We are making a big problem a little smaller - PECO