Mami Wata

$2,500.00 CAD
In West, South and Central Africa, a range of tales exist about mythical water spirits called Mami Wata (meaning "Water as Mother" or "Mother of the Waters").
As these spirits or divinities stem from multiple African cultures with ancient roots, there is no singular characteristic to their identity. Mami Wata's gender is fluid, meaning she can sometimes appear as a man or woman. The spirit is worshipped for both their benevolence in offering beauty, healing and wisdom, and as a way of warding off natural disasters. Source: Royal Museums Greenwich

This piece was a result of hours of play with cut-offs from my first melt.


These LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) abstract shapes were cut from a sheet of melted common plastic bags. There are approximately 200 bags incorporated. Each shape is stud mounted onto a painted backdrop. Framing is pine painted brilliant white in acrylic.

Size and weight

Dimensions: 44.5"x 28.5"x 2.5" (framed
Weight: 25.1lbs/11.3kg