The Seal Hunt

$1,250.00 CAD
For decades, fishermen in Canada, funded by Canadian and Norwegian taxpayers, have been slaughtering Canadian seals needlessly and inhumanly. The financial gains are minimal. Yet so much damage is inflicted. First are the seals, mostly less than 3 months of age, who are bludgeoned to death because shooting them costs pennies more. Then there are the Inuit residents who, despite their humane treatment of seals, are caught in this conflict and have become victims of international bans that have cut their livelihood and cultural practices held for millennia. 

Like the plastic crisis, the seal hunt is another example of man's dominance and greed. We must move towards more sustainable solutions that puts nature above greed.


Dimensions: 17.25" x 17.25" x 2.5" (framed)
: 4lbs/1.8kg 
Materials: These LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) abstract shapes were cut from a sheet of melted everyday plastic bags. There are approximately 60-70 bags incorporated.
Finish: Each shape is stud mounted onto a painted backdrop. Framing is pine painted brilliant white in acrylic.

Limited Edition

Total in Edition: 1