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The common description of a jester is a person who was employed by a European Monarch to provide entertainment and tell jokes. There were two types of jesters, or fools. The first type was a natural fool that was moronic and nit-witted and could not help what he said. The second type was the licensed fool that the courts gave leeway too. Jesters held a freedom of speech privilege. They were one of the very few people in the court that could speak their mind freely and use humor to joke about the nobles, ladies and lords without causing offense. 

Compiled from: Owlcation



Dimensions: 13.5" x 15.5" x 2.5" (framed)
Weight: 1.5lbs/.6kg (approx.)
Materials: These LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) abstract shapes were cut from a sheet of melted everyday plastic bags. There are approximately 60-70 bags incorporated.
Finish: Each shape is stud mounted onto a painted backdrop. Framing is pine painted brilliant white in acrylic.

Buyers are Collaborators

If you purchase this design we will send a pre-paid package to you which you can fill with plastic bags. Once we receive your box of plastic we will use your plastic bags in the creation of the final product.

Limited Edition

Total in Edition: 2/33

We have put a limit on the number of copies of this design to strengthen the value of each finished piece. Although the form is consistent, the colour and texture will vary with each copy sold. As such, each "copy" becomes an original.