Roger Brenninkmeyer


As founder and creative director of PECO, Roger Brenninkmeyer embodies the modern alchemist. Instead of metals he uses plastic in a transformative process resulting in artistic works of international repute. While his work is certainly admired for its aesthetic qualities, its meaning and purpose go much deeper than that. Themes are mostly based on man's influence on the natural world elliciting emotions ranging from devastation to silliness. With art as a focal-point, his mission is also to raise awareness about the plastics crisis we live in and make a meaningful contribution to plastic waste reduction.

Modern alchemists are not just born - they are forged. In Roger's case from three core elements. The first is design. Roger's focused career spans 17 years building and managing agencies within the branding and corporate communications world. His foundation, however, lies in business with experience in the fields of finance, retail and banking. But throughout his career, Roger's consciousness of our natural environment has guided him towards the stewardship of social enterprise.

PECO is Roger's first social enterprise. It’s proprietary process, the first of its kind in the world, is the direct result of several years of focused experimentation and fine tuning. A true renaissance man, Roger’s small studio is filled with highly customized machinery and presses, much of which he built himself.

While some of his work is sold throughout Canada and internationally via his online gallery, the collaborative aspect of his enterprise is local, working on creating stunning visual experiences and partnerships within the Vancouver area.

Danja Brenninkmeyer M.S. Econ.

Environmental Economics and Environmental Management



Spearheading PECO initiatives and outreach, Danja hopes to bring the big ideas and challenges about the plastics crisis to the public realm. With years of sustainability work experience in the academic and government policy fields, she is focussing on bringing her knowledge more to the practical implementation side of things to help solve the plastics crisis.

Danja's foundation comes from her work as an environmental economist at the Ministry of the Environment in Ontario, the City of Toronto and her own consultancy firm for which she did numerous independent research studies for Pollution Probe, Environment Canada through Summerhill Group in Toronto, ICF Environmental Management Consultancy, and The Schulich School of Business at York University. Danja's passions are safe drinking water for all and creating awareness for the plastics crisis so we can keep living in a beautiful and safe world for generations to come.

Danja's collaborative approach to solution building is what makes PECO live up to its mission promise - Plastic Essence Collaborative.