Below is a listing of questions and answers that come up during the process of working with PECO. We always welcome and questions and concerns you may have during your experience with us. Contact us at roger(at)peco-fab.com.

What plastics do you work with?

We work with everyday household plastics like LDPE (♻4), HDPE (♻2) and Polypropylene (♻PP).

What happens after I buy a Collaborative Creation design?

First, thank you for your patronage. Once the transaction is successfully made, we will send you a pre-paid box that you will fill with your everyday plastics. The video below explains this in more detail and what types of plastics you should collect.


In Brief

  1. Collect approximately 3 bread bags worth of plastic
  2. Collect "every-day" plastic
  3. Collect 1 sort of plastic - (HDPE or LDPE)
  4. clean all plastic BEFORE sending

Is melting plastic dangerous?

Yes, but only if you reach the burn-rate which is the temperature above which the elements combust and become toxic fumes. It is imperative to our own health AND the health of the environment that we work within acceptable temperatures that help us mold the plastic without burning it.

To ensure this we:

  1. we limit the types of plastic to HDPE, LDPE and PP which have the lowest potential of creating noxious fumes
  2. wearing masks is a must during the cooking stage
  3. we have well-ventilated space to prevent any issues relating to toxicity.