Let's make art from all those bags!!

Looking for an easier way to recycle your plastic bags and overwrap? Don't have time to drive it all to the depot? Not sure if the plastic you bring to the depot is actually getting recycled?

Introducing PECO (Plastic Essence Collaborative) - we transform your plastic bags and overwrap into a stunning piece of art for your home or office.

Grab our limited offer valid till Sunday October 31, 2021 to purchase a PECO artwork and turn your trash into a little treasure.


Thanks to Vancouver Is Awesome for creating this video. See full article page.

Get 10% off your purchase at PECO.

This offer is limited to residents and businesses within 100 km of Vancouver.
Offer valid till Sunday, October 31st, 2021.

Select a style, mail us your plastic and become a part of the plastic crisis recovery.

You buy one of our designs

Choose a design for your home or office from one of our collections below.

You send us your plastic

We send a prepaid* box for you to return with your saved plastic.

We create
your art

We sort and melt your plastic to mold and craft your original art piece.

We ship your treasure

We frame and package and send via mail. Local customers can arrange for pickup or drop-off.

Order your design - let's get started!!